Indulge yourself with espresso martini brownies

Espresso Martini Brownies

Move over Mary Berry! Despite being a lover of the British Bake Off (50% swooning over cakes and 50% swooning over Noel Fielding) I am no baker. I’m too lazy and always opt for shop bought which not only saves on time but more importantly saves the washing up!

However, I have taken to trying to cook a few new things over lockdown since having so much time on my hands and trying to cut down on non-essential shop trips. Last year I, like the rest of Britain made my very first banana bread. I even tried a little twist on the classic, adding chocolate chips, (everything can be improved with chocolate chips.) I also did a simple chocolate sponge for my Husband’s birthday and since I bought the sugar and flour I’ve been looking for my next sweet treat to compile. I spied this brilliant recipe over at BBC Goodfood, it was super easy and combines all my favourite things, choccy, coffee and booze! The perfect excuse to break my Dry January, yet again.

Get the recipe at BBC Good Food.

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